The quality of after-sales services.

We aim at real quality of sales as well as after sales services. Today, after sales service as well as production quality has gained importance in CNC machines. A good machine can be used efficiently again with a good technical service.

With our expert staff of 15 people, we serve all machines in our product portfolio in terms of installation, training, breakdown, periodic maintenance and geometric and electronic calibration. We have TSE service qualification certificate and our engineers and technicians have TIAD professional qualification certificates.

We constantly update the quality of technical services in line with the developing technology. In order to keep our service quality high, our technical team regularly receives domestic and international trainings.

Machine installation

True success for us is complete customer satisfaction. Our technical teams are managed by our team leaders who have 30 years of professional experience in the field of machine installation, breakdown, regular maintenance and calibration services, fast, accurate and reliable intervention with the production process is carried out without interruption.

Breakdown and Periodic Maintenance

Periodic maintenance is required for efficient operation of the machines. Technical problems that enterprises miss in their production processes during weekly and monthly maintenance can lead to malfunction and production stoppage. With the periodic maintenance service carried out by our expert teams, spare parts and components that need to be changed in time are changed safely and all maintenance and adjustments are made. This eliminates the risk of malfunctions, and your machine works efficiently at optimum performance. Regular maintenance also extends the life of your machine. Our spare parts stock responds to all kinds of ordinary and unusual parts demands quickly and our customers who receive regular maintenance package service benefit from discounted spare parts prices.

Calibration Service

Electronically and mechanically reductions in the precision of the machines are observed later in the installation. With the high technology devices we use, the sensitivity of the machines is increased and they are operated within the current tolerances. In this context, geometric calibrations are made and generator cut-off values ​​for EDM machines can be reset to factory settings.


Installation and training services of all machines and software in our product portfolio are provided by our expert technical service staff. Trainings are given both in our own training and application center and in the workplace of our customer.

Custom manufacturing solutions

We prepare special projects, investment planning, feasibility, machinery and application reports for special manufacturing processes. We develop test cuts and special application tests in the overseas facilities of the global brands we represent, and provide strategic support in achieving 100% accurate and reliable results of your investment project.