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Efficient and profitable use of machinery investments depends on the full performance and capacity of these machines. Therefore, it is important to use the right parts and consumables in the machines. With the technologies they have developed, machine manufacturers can use different products for different jobs to ensure the full performance of the machine.

Our consumable stock, which consists of hundreds of product types that meet every need, is offered to our customers as a result of our experience as a result of our product selection, research and development studies, international knowledge and application tests.

Erosion wires

In the developing industry, the quality bar is constantly rising, surface smoothness and dimension accuracy gain more importance. Zinc coated wire is preferred when surface quality and measurement accuracy is requested, copper wire is preferred to reach speed limits. The machine cannot achieve the desired performance if the correct wire is not used for the right job. The same wire is not used in all works, the enterprises make the choice of wire according to the result and work density they want to obtain. . We support you with our engineers, technicians and sales consultants who have experience in the application of which wire to use and how to act according to the machine parameters. We offer the products of the world’s leading brands in erosion wire technology to our manufacturers.


Filters, one of the most important consumables in wire erosion machines, are like the lungs of your machine. Cleans particles entering the water during cutting and your machine works efficiently. These particles are separated from the water, circulate in the system and cause machine parts to wear out over time. They result in clogging of parts such as valves and pumps, disruptions in automatic wire insertion and drop in pressures, and lead to high maintenance costs.

The high quality filters that we offer to the market ensure that your machine operates at maximum cleaning.

Chemical products

Rosin: Wire used in erosion should be waterproofing. Particles emitted during cutting make water conductive. The resin used in your machine reduces the conductivity of water. The lower the water conductivity, the higher the cutting speed and machine performance. For this purpose, both anionic and cationic resins produced specifically for wire erosion machines should be used.

Cleaning Fluids: Cleaning of the wire erosion machine is important for precise cutting. Clogged guides, dirty valves, pumps, and conductive parts reduce your machine’s performanceThe machine must therefore be cleaned regularly and with the correct cleaning fluids. As Erkan CNC, we offer specially produced products for wire erosion machines. The K200 cleaning fluid produced in Japan ensures efficient cleaning of rust and sediment without damaging machine parts, and is also safe for human health.

Antirust Fluid: In long cuts, work pieces may rust during cutting. This can create many problems in your workpiece, from surface quality to dimensional accuracy. An anticorrosive fluid is used for this purpose to prevent rusting by covering the part surface.